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Bicycle handle with extruded alloy 6063 aluminum sheet manu

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Bicycles, also known as bicycles or bicycles are usually two rounds of small land vehicles. People riding a car, the pedal as a driving force, is a green transport.
Bicycle is a traditional industry, with more than 100 years of history, due to environmental protection and traffic problems, the bike once again become the world's countries, especially the residents of the developed countries favorite traffic, fitness tools, the world bicycle industry is the focus from the traditional means of transport to the movement Type, mountain type, leisure type change, in the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries, the bike is a more general sports, fitness, leisure and entertainment products.

Bicycle is one of the components of the bicycle; the handlebar is one of the main parts of the bicycle control, mainly by the horizontal, with the set or the band, sometimes according to the actual needs to increase the deputy. Choose the right handlebar to provide better riding comfort and handling experience for cycling.
Bicycle handlebar can choose to produce, 6063 alloy aluminum plate for the Al-Mg-Si high plasticity alloy, with excellent processing performance, excellent solderability, extrusion and plating, good corrosion resistance, toughness , Easy to polish, the upper coating, anodic oxidation effect is excellent, is a typical extrusion alloy. Bicycles made of aluminum handlebar, good anti-rust performance and anti-corrosion properties of the bicycle even in the case of wind and rain, compared to other use of materials longer life; aluminum density is about one-third of steel, reduce body weight.
Now the popular shared bicycle parts have use, we can see that aluminum used in the formation of a huge market for bicycles. Haomei aluminum production of aluminum quality assurance, the products is exported to foreign countries, welcome to inquire 0371-86628262.