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Haomei Aluminum - Aluminum cap with high quality material ma

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The bottle cap is a common necessity in the life of the residents. The main application areas of the aluminum bottle cover are: aluminum for cosmetic caps, aluminum for the cans, aluminum for the lid, and aluminum for medical caps. In the aluminum bottle cap material production process of the material surface, plate and stamping performance has a very high demand. 
Henan Haomei Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. cap with its main alloy grades are 1060,8011,3105,3104, the main state of H14, H16, and H18 and so on. Commonly used bottle cap material thickness range is 0.15mm-0.5mm, width of 200-1500mm, thickness tolerance of ± 0.005mm, width range tolerance ± 1mm. Haomei Aluminum alloy grade 8011 aluminum alloy is mainly used for the production of medicinal caps, mainly used in the infusion bottle closed port, the thickness of the range of 0.018-0.04mm, with good sealing锛 grade bottle cap material, mainly used in the cans on the cap, 5 series alloy to join the magnesium element, the hardness is relatively better than other alloys a little better, used in the cans, a good solution to the cans in the Transport process caused by the deformation of the deformation, to ensure the appearance of the beautiful. In addition 3 Series 3105 alloy grades are mainly used in cosmetic caps, plus the manufacturer in the appearance of the big work, make a different shape, painted bright colors, crafted, and used in high-end cosmetics is also a nice choice.