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Haomei tanker aluminum plate has a vast market manufacutuers

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Aluminum cans, as the name suggests for the manufacture of aluminum for the tank, due to the unique density of aluminum alloy, high strength characteristics, relatively carbon steel tanker lighter weight, reducing the fuel consumption during transport and tire wear, thereby reducing the daily Operating costs and maintenance costs, so the aluminum plate in the tanker, automobile manufacturing and other transportation applications in a very wide range.
At present, the Haomei aluminum industry 5083,5182,5454 and other aluminum plate products, has entered the world tanker manufacturing market, mainly used in tankers, natural gas tankers, cement tankers, etc., in the Haomei aluminum, has become the company with great concentration One of the core products.
480 people of the technical team, the leading level of management, improve the service system together to hold the Haomei Aluminum super competitive strength. China's largest private aluminum processing listed companies, the first domestic independent research and development (1 +4) hot-rolled production line, marine aluminum DNV classification societies certification ... ... one after another innovation, confirms the Haomei Aluminum the influence of the international market.

2 series of hardened aluminum plate production aircraft land

Application Advantages of ;
1.      High security, reliable transportation
Aluminum alloy tank and acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel, kerosene, glacial acetic acid and other chemical media and food has a good compatibility, transport range is relatively wide; maintenance costs are relatively low, cannot do the surface of metal corrosion treatment , The body will not rust when the scratch, the appearance of durable, easy to clean, the typical service life of about 15-20 years.
2.      The new trend of energy development
Aluminum alloy tankers meet the needs of the era of lightweight development, the popularity of aluminum cans, can effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions. At the same time, aluminum is recyclable, high recovery rate, according to the current international market price of aluminum, only tank recycling about 80,000 yuan. This virtually saves the operating costs of the business.
3.      Policy support, development favorable
Aluminum oil tankers are environmentally friendly vehicles, aluminum alloy tanker lightweight means that reducing the car's fuel consumption and emissions, but also means that it is environmentally friendly, because the exhaust contains a lot of carbon dioxide, the environment is a major source of pollution, Therefore, the application of aluminum alloy cans, made a contribution to environmental protection.
as a raw material for the manufacture of aluminum alloy tankers, in the future time, the use will also be greatly increased in recent years, many domestic aluminum processing began to expand the market research and development efforts to increase the production capacity of aluminum tanker, the industry will also continue to be determined by the development of tanker aluminum.