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The new trend of automotive cars with aluminum in the market

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With the gradual increase in automotive energy and environmental requirements, lightweight and new energy has become the main way to solve this problem.In the automobile manufacturing enterprises, aluminum and aluminum alloy cover will be the main direction to solve the lightweight.

Aluminum density is small, wears durable, good corrosion resistance, excellent plasticity, is the vehicle weight of the important materials, but also domestic manufacturers of new products R & D focus on one of the direction.
It is reported that in 2010 the car wheel aluminum rate has reached 75% in other parts of the car are constantly upgrading the rate of aluminum. Such as car fuel tank, car transmission, beams, brake discs, radiators and other components. Body weight accounted for about one-third of the total mass of the car, therefore, aluminum products in the car lightweight occupies a very important position.
At present, a number of large domestic aluminum processing enterprises in the automotive aluminum market have made initial results, such as Henan Haomei Aluminum. With the progress of the level of aluminum research and development, the domestic , has been basically to meet the needs of automobile manufacturing, some aluminum performance even more than the level of foreign.

Although the current auto aluminum is mainly dependent on foreign imports, but with the domestic products in mass production, stable supply, price competitive advantage will be very obvious. This will also promote the use of aluminum alloy body panels in more car manufacturing.